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Diamonds, guns, and a train on steroids. Welcome to Train Tumble, a tower defense set in the wild west where you must defend your diamond mine by using a combat modified train. Survive through the different waves of an attacking bandit gang with only one intention: destroy your mining operation.

Train Tumble is a top down tower defense game where all defense mechanisms are placed on a moving train. The player is able to control and position the train in order to gain a strategic advantage over the attacking bandits. The goal with the game is to survive to the required number of waves in order to complete the map and progress to the next level.

The game is based on a classic tower defense concept only with the twist of that the turrets are movable in a set lap around the base. Train tumble revolves around protecting the mine that delivers diamonds to the player. The player can spend diamonds on defense equipment for the train and further economic expansion.

We hope you all enjoy the game and if you have any questions or feedback about changes you want too see in the game just leave a comment down below. As the game currently is in open beta we constantly work on trying to make the best game based upon your thoughts and your feedback greatly impact our design process. So hit us up on either our Facebook page or on our dev blog below for more news.


Development Blog:

Install instructions

For PC/Mac:
Once you have downloaded either the PC or Mac edition you only have to run the .exe file to start and play the game.

For Android:
Follow the link to Google Play Store (or search for it on the Store) to download and install the game.


PCBuild_TrainTumbleOpenBeta.zip 30 MB
MacBuild_T.T OpenBeta.zip 33 MB

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